Photographer & Vendor Information/FAQs

  • What is your current pricing? - Our current pricing is $375 paid upfront giving photographers 12 months of coverage.

  • How many inquiries and bookings are your photographers seeing related to Wedding Pioneer? - Not all featured photographers share booking data with us and/or tracks inquiries & bookings. Our first region (St. Louis) just finished its first 12 months with an average of 10 weddings booked per photographer (which is the highest we’ve seen in any region). We also gather data from the other regions, and adding in those numbers brings the bookings to an average of 5 weddings booked per photographer (prorated average over 12 months). Inquiries are a little trickier to gather exact data as most clients say "google"....because the client finds Wedding Pioneer through a google search. Our photographers with good tracking methods and are seeing over 5 inquiries per month (on average) that come through Wedding Pioneer. We do have photographers that have not booked weddings through Wedding Pioneer. *We cannot guarantee bookings*

  • What marketing techniques do you use? - we run continual paid promotions through Instagram, Google, and sporadically, Facebook. We are very strategic regarding the times we "ramp up" promotions based on engagement statistics.

  • What sets you apart from the other feature accounts/wedding directories? - 1. Our photographers are hand-selected based on rigorous standards. We do not accept everyone who applies, in fact, our main source of featured photographers are ones that we have searched for and reach out to. We limit our regional offering to 12 photographers and 12 vendors as to not overwhelm our couples/clients. 2. We promote locally, meaning our SEO and paid promotions are focused on each region/location. This is why we are having so much success with bookings for our photogs/vendors! We all love the crazy fun elopements in far off places, but when it comes down to it, wedding photographers make money when they book locally - - and that's our PRIMARY focus. 3. We also setup the opportunity for local community. Each region/location has a private Facebook group for the photographers to schedule meet ups, share inquiries, get second-shooters, and ask questions about different locations, and on and on.

  • Is my annual payment all I have to pay? - Yes! We don't make a profit off any of your bookings. We are strictly a marketing website. You pay for featured space on our website...we bring your ideal client to you.

  • How long of a commitment do I have to make? - your annual payment covers you for 12 months. There are no refunds should you choose to pull out of Wedding Pioneer. If you no longer wish to be a featured photographer before the 12 month period expires, please inform us per our contract.

  • How much website traffic do you receive? - On average, we receive over 250+ page visits daily. These numbers continue to increase with time.

What your payment covers;

  1. featured space on one of our regional webpages (see our Minneapolis region for an example)

Additional Benefits;

  1. instagram features (usually once per month, but no guarantee here)

  2. inquiry sharing with other photogs who have a similar style as you

  3. attracting your ideal couple (i.e. not getting mostly church weddings & traditional couples)

  4. having community with other artists who share your style/vision

  5. increased inquiries


"Being a featured wedding photographer for Wedding Pioneer has connected me with some of the sweetest, most kind-hearted couples who really value photography as an important part of telling their story. Wedding Pioneer has also facilitated a friendly and warm community of fellow photographers within my region. The owners really emphasize community over competition and that is one of my favorite parts of Wedding Pioneer!" - Jaclyn

"Happy Sunday! Definitely count me in for year 2. I’ve been SO grateful that you reached out to me earlier this year. I’ve not only received a TON of business from Wedding Pioneer (and am almost fully booked out for 2019), but they’re all also my ideal client. Since I do work a full time job, I’ve noticed having couples that are my ideal client has helped me to stay super passionate about what I do and make all the sleepless nights worth it haha . So thank you again so much for all that you do! It impacts all of us in more ways than you know."  - Astrid  

"It’s been awesome! I have booked at least 4 weddings with you guys (in only 5 months of membership)! I’m so thankful you guys reached out to me!" - Melanie

"Though I haven’t booked any weddings through Wedding Pioneer, I’ve had a ton of inquiries. The reason I haven’t booked yet is because I was already booked up for this year when I joined Wedding Pioneer but I have much more availability for next year. I love the wedding pioneer community and enjoy connecting with all the members.  Wedding Pioneer has been a huge factor in my business.  As for my experience, it’s been great. I’ve learned so much from other members in Wedding Pioneer.  My region is full of down to earth members that are awesome people to be around. Ever since our first meeting I feel that we all connected. Thank you Wedding Pioneer." - Quinton 

"Hi!  I just wanted to touch base with you and say a huge THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of the Wedding Pioneer KC team. I have been approached by some awesome new clients and booked several weddings from people finding me through Wedding Pioneer :) It is super refreshing to get involved with couples who are looking to break the molds with their weddings, I think the product will be amazing! I really feel very lucky to be a part of this platform and I can already see how it has positively effected my business. I am happy to see what the year brings and I hope that Wedding Pioneer KC continues to grow! -Elizabeth McKenzie Florals"

"I updated some data regarding our total number of leads, and the number of leads we have received from Wedding Pioneer, so I thought I would share. February 19, 2018  we added WP as an option to our "How did you hear about us?" section of our lead form. Since then (less than 5 months) we have booked 6 WP weddings and 22% of our leads have originated from WP." - Jenn 


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**Coming Soon**

  1. Featured Photographer Landing Page (click here for example) - In year 2, we are rolling out a landing page for all of our photographers and vendors.

  2. Instagram Story Highlights - Once our regional Instagram page hits 10k followers (most do within the first year), we have the ability to link up your website to stories on IG.

  3. Photography Resource Center - this is one of the coolest things we are excited to announce. We are working through all the details to provide our photographers a resource center full of helpful information such as market info, pricing, SEO help, contracts, and editing processes. The best part - this will all be a free resource to all of our photographers! This resource is already in place, with much more content rolling out in 2019. We can't wait to share ALL the details of this with you!