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At Wedding Pioneer, we help to connect you with photographers & vendors who are excited at the prospect of working with nontraditional couples like you. Here you'll find the wedding creatives that embrace the quirky, the romantic, the adventurous, the free-spirited, the wild-at-heart.  

We are creating tight-knit communities of nontraditional photographers across the USA and beyond. All of our artists are hand selected for their unique style and creative voice.   

Answer a few questions on our online form and we can bring you a set of options based on your style or budget, or feel free to browse and reach out to our featured photographers & venues on your own.

Congrats and let's get this party started!

-The Wedding Pioneer Team

From the Founders


We started Wedding Pioneer as a way to build community in our hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.  Our city is mostly filled with traditional wedding artists (which is great!), but very different from our style and our clients' vision.  We wanted an outlet to collaborate, learn, and help other photographers who are new(er) to wedding photography. 

The idea snowballed into a network of regional communities, all with a similar nontraditional creative style.  Our communities now span the USA and beyond.

Community is important to us because it fosters collaboration, rather than competition.  It brings us together rather than pushing us apart. 

-The Rowlands

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