Haverlee Photography

About the photographer

Hello, lovelies. I’m Haverlee (hay-verlee), single mama of three wild things, adventure seeker, and photographer. My photography career was birthed from a lot of years of pain. My life derailed and it felt crippling. The more difficult things became in my circumstances, the more I clung to small moments of beauty. When things felt dark, I tried to cling to light. And I could always find light in people and in nature. Focusing on others instead of my own dark days brought me joy every time without fail.

I always knew I was creative but it took me a while to find my niche! As I ventured further into photography, it felt like everything fell into place. It was as if I already knew the language, I just had to find the words.

I’ve utterly fallen in love with photographing couples and weddings. I think it’s the hopeless romantic in me. The privilege of witnessing every moment of your day is not lost on me and I’ll likely be tearing up during your ceremony or first dance. You’re not just hiring a photographer. I’m there for emotional support, to diffuse any stressful moments, and to help in any way I’m needed, whether it be pinning boutonnieres, fixing a stray hair, or keeping everyone on schedule. I want your photos to capture how your day felt. I’m there to tell the story as it unfolds, beautifully and imperfectly. As time goes on and the details get fuzzy, you'll look back on the photos and things will be even sweeter in your memories.