S. Lynne Photography

About the photographer

Hi! I’m Stephanie - a twenty-something, dog obsessed, Colorado native. Being born and raised in Denver, I’ve always loved the outdoors and living so close to the mountains. When I graduated college with intentions to go to med-school, I decided I wanted a different life for myself and moved to NYC where I fell in love with photography. After a few years I moved back to Colorado to start my business in the place that I love, and haven’t looked back since. 

It didn’t take me long at all to figure out my passion was shooting couples. I love how the dynamic in every relationship is so different than the last. Getting to know my couples on a personal level is so important to me, because I want my photos to portray each relationship for how it really is… not awkward stiff poses that don’t feel natural. On your wedding day you are going to be so wrapped up in emotions, just happy to be marrying your love, and I love capturing those raw emotions. The laughter, the tears, the in-between moments when you think no one is even watching…. these are all my favorite moments. When you receive your photos I want you to feel like you’re truly re-living the best day of your life.

When I’m not busy shooting and editing, you can most definitely find me with my man and our three pups. We are a huge rescue dog family, we have 3 boxer mixes and are almost always fostering puppies as well - so we basically own a zoo! I start my day with lots of coffee and end it with wine, and in-between we are rock climbing or getting into some adventure, or relaxing watching SVU (find me an episode I’ve never seen, I dare you). I love my job, my clients, the adventures it brings, and the joy people get when they see their photos for the first time. Let’s chat and see if we’re a good fit, and make some magic together!