The Morros

About the photographers

We are the Morros, Zach and Marci, ready to be a listening ear and your new best friends. We keep the conversation easy and the mood light. We spend our days living on the same wavelength which only helps us connect with and passionately capture your love language. 

If you’re more focused on the music than what’s happening on your phone, would dance in the rain if it poured during your ceremony, and are more in love today than you were yesterday  - lean in, you might be our kind of people.

It’s not about the expense or the grandeur - it’s about two people ready to begin a life together once the last drop of champagne has been poured and the final gift ripped open. It’s about you and it’s about building a life. We want to be the ones by your side bringing calm to chaos, emotion amidst the whirlwind, and reminding you to just take a breath and feel the day. 

We’re in it for the raw moments, the ugly tears, and the belly laughs. We are here for the song that brings you alive, the pets that are part of your world, and to capture the love that will last a lifetime. There are a million things we love about weddings - top of the list, there’s always more to the story. And if you’re more ready to dance the night away surrounded by your family than the perfect prom pose, we would be a great fit.

We believe that life is too short to be taken too seriously, let’s laugh over ice cream or reminisce over a drink - you’ll see we’re here for you and your story and that you can trust us to tell it well.