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We are a husband and wife photography and filmmaking team based in St. Louis, MO but we're available for travel to any lovely spot on the globe. This isn't just a job for us, however. This is what we LOVE!!! This is what we think about, dream about, and ok, obsess about most days. We love shooting outdoors surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes. It's where we feel most at home and most inspired. The couples we work best with are adventurous, laid-back, and aren't afraid to throw tradition out the window.

Our photographic style is kind of a mix of candid and directed imagery. We love capturing the connection between people. It's all those little moments and looks that pass between you that you may not even be aware of that truly tell your story. But we also love creating stunning and emotional portraits that you'll want to stare at every single day.  


Wanna Hire us?

If you feel a connection to our work and think we'd be the perfect ones to tell your story, we would LOVE to hear from you by filling out the form below!

We take on a limited number of weddings each year because we have to be able to give it our heart and soul. For us, this is only worth doing if it continues to be our passion. Because of that we gravitate toward the things that fire us up: nature, natural light, and rad people who are looking for something a little different. Hopefully that's you!

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