About the photographers

Hi, we’re Tara & Stephen. The husband & wife photography duo based out of St Louis. We're summer camp sweethearts, travel junkies, and houseplant parents. We survived long distance dating and are unashamedly newlyweds! 

You know those multi-passionate type of people? That’s us. Stephen obsesses over a good leather shoe, experiencing new cultures through food & philosophy, and finding waterfalls. We should also mention two words: Fantasy Football. Meanwhile, Tara prefers a glass of rosé with an artisan prosciutto & arugula pizza. She’s mega into effortlessly feminine fashion, that cozy hygge life, and gets all sappy anytime Frank Sinatra plays. Four years ago, Tara left her day job to roadtrip across the country – launching Pattengale.

With over 65 weddings into it, we now only serve a select number of couples per year. We believe that relationships outlast quantity. Cuddles are better than awkward posing. And those crinkled-nose giggles are better than a thousand contrived ones. Our hearts pound when there’s an adventurous engagement and hand-written love letters. And when those most near & dear gather for a thoughtful & elegant celebration of your new beginning.

The Pattengale experience is more than photos (though we’ll give you plenty!). We’re in this to walk alongside you, couple to couple. Like one big double date with donuts. And we’re wide-eyed, not to mention freaking stoked, to hear all about your romantic love story. This is you now. Your legacy unfolding for the future you to look back on. And this is us, ready with confetti, to welcome you into the Pattengale fam! 

Let’s do this! Say Hey to get started!