Autumn Locke

About the photographer

Hello there, my name is Autumn Locke and I am just your average girl planted here in the Midwest with my love and two babes. I am a wedding and portrait photographer who is also a lover of spontaneous adventures, a dreamer of endless possibilities, and a chaser of warm conversations. I love all the real stuff: driving the backroads by my house as the sun is setting, holding my baby on the couch as my toddler leans over to give her a kiss, reaching for my husbands hand and remembering the day I put a ring on his finger. These simple moments of mine;of yours, give me all the inspiration. 

My style is pretty laid back, capturing the in-between moments while encouraging some epic shots. I often find myself during a session up to my waist in a field, sunlight surrounding my clients, when I am overcome with the reality that I'm capturing more than just a pretty photo. A connection captured. A moment brought into stillness. A memory, a feeling. My couples want THIS. They don't mind wading through the tall grass and grabbing each other close to get it. I want my clients to be able to FEEL their connection when they see their photos, bring them back to that moment and take their breath away again and again.