The Rylands

About the photographers

You're probably here because something amazing is happening in your life right now. Congratulations! We are here to help. We are a husband and wife  team who takes the experience of capturing wedding photos to the next level. As wedding photographers, we realize this is a big deal. We are here to put you at ease. Go with your gut. Know that when choosing us, you are choosing a team that brings so much care and thought into photographing your wedding.

Forget about awkward poses and not knowing what to do with your hands. We've got this! We are energetic, fun, and our main goal is to capture YOU. To make you comfortable in front of our cameras. Your love, your story, your personalities coming together - that's what we want. We are more than just your photographers & many of our wonderful clients can attest to that. These are the photos that your children & grandchildren will see one day. Ultimately, that's priceless. 

If you like a little adventure and fun, we’re the perfect match for you. Creating experiences that put you in your best element is our favorite part of the job. Our mission is to capture YOU and we strive to do that in the most creative, candid and relaxed way possible. Our photography has taken us to places all over the country & the world. Whether your wedding is here in New Orleans or elsewhere, we’re up for it.