The Lovely Lens

About the photographer

Hiiii! It’s me, Tammi C. Serving up the magic in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas! 

Some days you can be find me shopping at thrift stores, binge watching Friends or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, trying to be cool and order a super complicated sounding Starbuck’s order or admiring Anthropologie’s new line! But most days I’m drinking coffee and hoping Missouri’s weather will be bearable today! That humidity struggle is real, amiright?!

I was a student in beauty school when I first started doing photography. My oldest sister was pregnant with her first child and asked me to do a maternity photo session for her and her hubby! I was so beyond ecstatic! After that, I blew up. Everyone was contacting me to take their photos too!  So here I am, almost 7 years later and still just as excited as the first time someone asked me to photograph them!! As much as I could go on and on about how I love fall, how October is my favorite month and how I’d pick a scary movie to watch over any other genre, that is not why you are here! So let’s get to it…. 

I have a good feeling you are looking for something more than just beautiful photographs. More than your average joe vendor. You NEED a photographer who puts your happiness and needs over their must have images. Someone who takes the time to see the beauty and value of a marriage. Who sees the love and is able to portray that through the photographs taken. An overall amazing experience is just what you need!!! My goal is to slay at photographing your big day the way Buffy slayed those vampires! She kicked some major butt!!!!!! From timeline assistance to location scouting to meeting for tacos just because, I got you! To me, being your photographer is more like a friendship! And like the theme of Friends says, “I’ll be there for you!” I’m also here for the yummy cake, but mainly for you! So let’s do the dang thang!