Becca Louise

About the photographer

Hey there! I am Becca Louise! I am a coffee loving, ice cream fanatic, Office quoting, bookworm who loves to capture the authentic & real. I seek to capture your moments as genuinely as I can & I long to capture you in your purest form.

I am based out of Wichita, KS, but traveling has become a passion of mine & I'm always up for adventure. I love to explore new places & meet new friends, so take me anywhere!

I have been creating my art for a little over four years, which has been plenty of time for me to learn and craft my work into something that I am proud of & something that my clients will cherish forever. I just picked up a camera & I was hooked! Finding my love for photography, I also realized my deep love for people, who they are, and how I can bring to light the very things that are unique to them.