Sozo Photos

About the photographer

My name is Augustine Toscano and I've had the privilege of marrying my high school sweetheart. I Im usually hanging out with her, our two black cats, T'Challa and Zhuri, and more often than not our best friends Will and Chelsie who are also our neighbors. Im pretty sarcastic and making jokes at my expense to ensure people are having fun. 

Im going to separate this from the rest of the paragraph so prepare yourselves. I am STUPID into coffee, and I don't mean the "cute I love coffee, and lattes, and coffee shops", though, that's cool. I am both a full time wedding photographer and coffee roaster, coffee trainer, and a National competitor for Windmill Coffee Roasters. I consider myself extremely fortunate to pursue to careers, but most importantly, passions that I love. Both allow me to connect with people in a special way, we go from complete strangers to almost really good friends with two simple things, coffee and a camera, that would normally take a lot longer to develop.