LE Photo/Design

About the photographer

Hey, I'm Lori! A midwest based wedding + family photographer. Saved by grace. Ice cream obsessed. Daily annoying my husband for back rubs + cuddling. I'm a mom of two boys, which means I spend most days barefoot, baking chicken nuggets, and playing outside on our acreage with them + our two dogs. 

I love real, raw, authentic moments - in my life, relationships, and photography. So I'll approach your love story looking for those special gestures. The flirtatious look you give one another, a laugh, a sweet nudge, something goofy. Whatever it may be defines who you are together. I want you to look at your photos and say with a grin, "That's totally us!" - Not in the obvious way that, yes, you are the two in the photographs. But in a way that truly means I caught a glimpse of your meaning behind "us."