Laura Wills

About the photographer

I've never been good with words. But a great image doesn't need an explanation. You can look at a photo from your wedding day and go right back to that moment. Right back to that emotion. Right back to that inside joke or that sweet and simple gesture. That is exactly why I fell hard for photography.

Allow me to tell this part of your story. Allow me to be a fly on the wall as you soak in every second of the day you marry your best friend and begin your best adventure yet. Allow me to get to know you, to spend your entire wedding day with you and to feel like an old friend (an old friend that keeps you on time and puts you in the best light). Allow me to observe the subtle things that make up your relationship and show you the beauty in those small moments. Create memories together just by being yourselves and I'll stand back and create images that you'll adore.  And you better believe we'll have the best time in the process.