Corah Zander Photography

About the photographer

Being a wedding photographer is totally my dream job. Getting to spend the day with two people committing their lives to the other, all the love EVERYWHERE?? Oh yes, that is my dream job.

I love LOVE, and your wedding day will be FULL of just that! I adore all the tears as you see her for the first time, and as she’s walking down the aisle. I love her tears as she looks up at the altar and knows that the next time she walks that aisle she will be married to the man standing there in awe of her beauty, and so full of love he can’t contain himself. The little looks you give each other all day, the looks of parents watching their children officially go out on their own and starting their own love story.

THAT is what I love about this job. THIS is what I want to do for you!

I've lived in Iowa my whole life and have never done much traveling- buuuuuuut I have a heart for the mountains and traveling the world!

I grew a love for engagement and wedding photography through my own relationship with my fiance, the still and quiet moments just taking a nap on the couch, Netflix binging, the moments watching him sing on a road trip up to a concert, the spontaneous tickle fights after a long week- the ones that leave you wheezing and laughing even more at how bad your stomach hurts from laughing. Those little moments are what help make a relationship special. Laughing together over stupid stuff we say and do is what gives you memories that last a lifetime. Capturing those in between moments are my passion. Those are the moments you want to last forever.

I love going to concerts, I adore Parks and Recreation (working on my 3rd time through) I yearn for mountains even though I've never been, I cannot wait for us to get our lil Corgi in the future- I'm a total dog person! I love living life with my main squeeze, Clayton, and can't wait for our future together!