Cambria Shelley

About the photographer

I'm many things: I am a sinner redeemed by grace, a wife, a mama-to-be, a college dropout, an ex-barista, a plant lady, a cat lady, an explorer. I have a weird obsession with hedgehogs and I tend to give all of my plants names. I'm usually sunburned and always sarcastic. I drink too much coffee and never water. I really love my husband, the ocean, and tattoos.

I'm also a love photographer who loves people who are in love (that's a lot of love, I know). I tell stories of marriage-focused, intentional, world changing love. YOUR love. I am a firm believer in nurturing relationships and marriages and giving them an environment to thrive in when you're in front of my camera. I've come to find that no amount of "posing" and directing will ever match up to the real moments between you and the words you say to each other.