Eternal Tides Photography

About the photographers

We're Patrick & Kelsi, and we're honored that you are here! When we’re not taking pictures, we like to spend our time enjoying the Hawaiian islands. You can most often find us scuba diving, rock climbing, or hiking the majestic mountains that Hawaii is known for. We love to adventure and would be delighted to take you around Oahu and create some truly magical images. We’re planning our own wedding, so we have plenty of excitement, especially for our engaged couples. Our photos are highly reminiscent of wind-swept coastlines, turquoise waters, and boundless island adventures. Whether it be through cloud forest escapes or sunset-bathed beaches, our connections run deep to the ‘ĀINA (land) and KAI (sea), something we feel in our NA'AU (deep within our being). Located in the middle of the Pacific ocean, we offer a unique range of tropical settings that reflect life in Hawai'i. We try to tell stories through our photos, capturing all love, laughter, and joy in a single moment. Let us preserve your memories with ethereal images and the integrated beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.