Meg O’Neill Photography

About the photographer

Every part of me truly believes that life is meant to be lived as an Adventure! That every moment, even the quiet ones have something for you to fall in love with. Nothing makes my heart race like being able to live out my dream of capturing the stories around me; to bask in the perfectly imperfect moments that are this human existence. And the best part is I get to create & eternalize these stories with the person in my life who is not only my biggest cheerleader, but my greatest inspiration, Kevin.

That is the fire that drives me: this wild & crazy REAL LOVE that keeps you up till 3AM playing board games, that keeps you talking the whole 16 hour flight to Costa Rica because the conversation is that good, that has you snuggling on the couch binge watching West World because your too sore to move from yoga or hiking the day before, the real love where everyone would think we were the weirdest of weirdos if they heard a conversation between the two of you when no one’s around.

The kind of love that makes everyday the wildest romantic adventure of your life.