Jaclyn Dickens

About the photographer

If you need to know anything about my work, it's that I'm ALL about authentic emotion. I'm a pretty goofy person and I use that to make people feel so at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. I do this because I want people to feel emotionally and physically connected when they see their photos. I want people to remember how they felt, not the pose I put them in or how I told them to look. I want those caught-in-the-moment photos, where for a second, you forget that I'm even there. Genuine, real, honest, raw emotion is what I live for, and I take so much delight in getting to hear the beautiful stories of so many couples. How lucky am I to do something that makes me feel so deeply?

As for me, I'm a goofy artsy Midwest photog residing in the incredible state of Colorado. But let's be honest- I can be anywhere you want me to be. I love meeting strangers and I’m a fantastic third wheel, and my love for this business is deeply rooted in those two things. I love Jesus, quality time with my family, horses, sunrise hikes, John Mayer, and swing dancing. In that order. So, if you feel that we’d be a good fit, say hi! I would love to create something meaningful with you.