Wright Photographs

About the photographer

Hey, we are the Wrights- Blaine and Kelsey. We've been shooting weddings and couples for over a decade now, it’s so crazy and wonderful! We’ve realized that what makes our work best is honest, authentic love and relationships captured. If you are only looking to cross a photographer off your to-do list, we probably aren’t your people. On wedding days we photograph and celebrate real moments, we don’t overly pose people instead we encourage interactions to happen naturally. We truly want the best for our couples and are there for your every need.  We aren't necessarily the best fit for every couple.  If you are looking for a couple to love on you and to shoot authentically, we ARE your people. We are seeking to capture unguarded emotions and moments you just can't get back. What an incredible honor it is to be part of capturing a legacy - a beginning and yet a middle section - of families’ stories. So, we ask our couples, let us observe and preserve their relationship - allow us in to create some beautiful!

A little more about us, personally. We call Illinois home but thrive on traveling and seeing other parts of this beautiful world. We are super family orientated which explains why we still live in Illinois- ha ha! We love God and people, and are thankful for the love and grace of Jesus. We have two little girls, ages 3 and 5 –they're darn rad!  We love coffee and food. We love going to our favorite bands’ shows and dreaming up the perfect mid century modern home in the desert (someday we'll move out there, fingers crossed). On our off days, you will find us cuddling up on the couch with coffee while our girls play, riding our bikes around our small town, heading out to explore a close city, or walking through the wooded parks nearby.