Victoria Saint Martin

About the photographer

HIIII!! I’m Victoria!! I am a chocolate binger, bad dancer, traveler, lavender lover, coffee addict, and have been voted the biggest hype man!!

I call myself a love, life and people photographer because I capture true emotions and BIG LOVE. I am not a photographer that is going to perfectly pose you; I am here to share experiences with you and document those moments, that when you look back at the images, make you FEEL something.

I take time to get to know you as a couple because I want your photos to directly represent who you are together. Each love story is unique, and I will never be the photographer that tries to fit you into a “perfect image”. I think the love that you radiate makes the perfect image!! 

If you’re ready to laugh till your cheeks hurt and fall in love all over again, let's grab a cup of coffee, or even better go out for a glass of wine, and get to know each other enough for me to become your number one fan!! (I wasn’t lying when I was voted biggest hype man!!)