Do you consider yourself an adventurer? Would you prefer a more unique, personal, and creative celebration of your love over a traditional wedding? If you are over the traditional trends, then we are here to help!  

At Wedding Pioneer, we help to connect you with the more creative side of Hawaii area vendors who are excited at the prospect of working with nontraditional couples like you. Here you will find the wedding creatives that embrace the quirky, the romantic, the adventurous, the free-spirited, the wild-at-heart. 

Browse our hand-selected featured photographers and vendors below, or head over to our inquiry page if you'd like.


The Photographers

modern wedding

Roy nuesca


The Rowlands

modern wedding photographer

Jayleigh daniel

nontraditional wedding

Gabriella katalin

modern wedding photographer

Keani bakula

nontraditional wedding

indi soul

modish and gutsy

Emily turner

Lindsey Roman Photo.jpg

Lindsey Noel

modern wedding photographer

Anela Wasson

modern elopement

Stephanie betsill

modern wedding

Naomi Wong

adventure wedding photographer

Desiree leilani

The Vendors