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Wedding Photos at The Atrium in Solon Springs, Wisconsin | Minneapolis Wedding Photography | Brookklyn Photo

Alex and Hannah’s wedding at The Atrium in Solon Springs, Wisconsin was described as a “dream wedding” by their photographer. We couldn’t agree more!

Here’s what their photographer, Brookklyn Photo, has to say about their special day:

“Hannah and Alex are a couple like no other, seriously. From donut walls, to greenhouses, to vespas this wedding was undeniably spectacular. I went to high school with the bride and groom and have been waiting for this wedding ALL YEAR. It was such an incredible day, like a big class reunion only on top of getting to see each other again, we were also celebrating the love between Hannah and Alex. What could be better?

You know those perfectly whimsical and romantic weddings you see in the movies? Where everything feels light and dreamy and everyone seems to be floating? If Hannah and Alex’s wedding were a movie, I’d watch it on repeat for daysssss. When they were searching for a location they wanted an outdoor venue but knew it couldn’t be in a barn, so when they found The Atrium, a restored greenhouse in the middle of Wisconsin, it immediately felt right. The owners were so kind and had the whole place decorated to perfection. For the décor, it was all in the details. Muted earth tones combined with subtle industrial architecture of the building was such a serendipitous mix. Hannah and her girls were glowing, all the bridesmaids were wearing slightly different dresses in the same dusty sage which fit perfectly since the bride’s dress was traditionally unconventional. Rather than the usual gown, she wore a regal silk skirt with a slightly cropped lace blouse. A unique and graceful way to add some individuality and make this day her own.

Burrowed between the trees, Hannah glided down the aisle to her smiling soon-to-be husband. The highlight of the ceremony was the vows they had written to each other. So heartfelt, so intimate, so authentic. I believe more couples should take the time to write their own vows. The dreamy ceremony soon melted into the reception where the groom handed the DJ a vinyl he had brought for their very first dance as husband and wife. I felt so lucky to have been able to shoot this wedding, and what made it even more memorable was that my boyfriend Tanner attended and even did some second shooting with me. The night dwindled away, I put my camera down and enjoyed dancing, conversation, and a bonfire with my old pals from high school.

Hannah and Alex, thank you for a spectacular evening, congratulations, and good luck to your future as a married couple!”

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