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Intimate Wedding at Riverfront Lodge in Mineral Bluff, Georgia | Atlanta Wedding Photography | Brooke Womack Photography

This intimate ceremony and reception took place at Riverfront Lodge in Mineral Bluff, Georgia. The bride and groom enjoyed an evening surrounded by their closest friends and family who all celebrated the evident love between the Brian, Meagan, and their son.

From the photographer, Brooke Womack:

“Where do I even begin with this day? It was truly one of the most intimate weddings I have every captured. Every item involved held such special meaning. The bride’s mother made her handkerchief out of pieces of her wedding dress and hand-crafted her gorgeous belt. The necklace Meagan wore is her great grandmother’s engagement necklace and is over 100 years old. The gold bangle she wore is the only heirloom she has from her late grandmother Amelia, and her earrings are from 1940.

“Wearing all of these items and jewelry from women past is so enchanting. I wonder where they were and how they felt when they adorned these pieces. And now, my wedding, can be added to the energy these items hold. And of course, my new wedding band, which holds the greatest meaning of all. I have married my prince, the man of my dreams. He continues to enchant me with his relentless love and affection. I am so grateful to be alive in his world.” - Meagan

From first look tears, to the sweetest vows, and to watching the way Brian looked at Meagan as she sang a song she wrote just for him, it was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL day! I will never forget it.”

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