Louisiana Farmhouse Engagement Session | Camille + Tyler

Louisiana Farmhouse Engagement Session | Camille + Tyler

From the photographer, Hannah Mulligan:

Camille + Tyler decided on the groom’s family home, which is now their home, for their engagement shoot.

Tyler's grandfather built this home, and now, Camille and Tyler are remodeling it together. The couple wanted to document what everyday life looks like for them, and I was all for it! They wanted to remember their life on the farm and memories of them making the house their home. We explored the family property, collected eggs from the chickens, cooked, went canoeing, fed the ducks, played with their dogs, and even went to visit Tyler's grandmother who lives next door. They walk over to see her everyday for good conversation and the best homemade waffles. Camille said she is one of her best friends. 

I choose to submit this session because of the story and sentiment behind it. As photographers, we say all the time how we are "storytellers." Well, Camille and Tyler gave me such a wonderful story to tell.

I asked Camille to tell us why she chose to do such a different type of session. Here is what Camille said: 

"My mom died when I was little and while I have some memories of her, mostly all I have are pictures. There are the traditionally pretty ones, like her wedding photos and her professional headshots, but my favorite picture of my mom is one of her leaning on the kitchen counter in this hideous sweater, shoving a piece of cake in her mouth.

From what I hear, this was the usual for my mom. She liked to eat, she wasn’t huge on table manners, and boy, was she the queen of bad haircuts and fashion. So, while I do think she looks beautiful in all the makeup and beautiful gowns, the real mom was just a woman who took care of her kids, had horrible fashion sense, and loved a good piece of cake. 

While I do believe that many people look beautiful in more traditional engagement photos, I believe that pictures are memories. I don’t want to remember a day of wandering around a place that we never actually visit, in clothes we never actually wear, looking amazing and modelesque. I want to remember how we cooked, how we explored his great grandfather’s land, and how we’d walk over to his grandmother’s house for some good conversation and homemade waffles. These are real memories that I want to look back on and say, “Do you remember that?” not “Look how pretty I was back then,” which is why I chose a home shoot. This is real, and this is us.

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Hannah Mulligan is a full-time wedding photographer currently based in her home town of Lafayette, Louisiana. In addition to photography, she enjoys animals, traveling with her husband, oil painting, dancing, and wedding cake. Another main focus of her life is her ministry of teaching the Bible to people with hearing loss.